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Galapagos Islands

Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands

7 Apr , 2015  

Be close to our animals and help save them. In our Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands, volunteers have the opportunity to preserve some of the world’s most uncommon wildlife.

Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands

There are several Galapagos volunteer opportunity programs, and you may review the various details of our programs and choose the one that best fits your interests or desires. Our project is located on a local farm with local people. The tasks vary from day to day and participants learn and show their skill in many ways. Volunteers introduce and place new plants, cut and bring vegetation to the tortoises that inhabit this area, and seed different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Do not come just as a tourist, be part of our Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands! Start volunteering and enjoy a matchless work experience with remarkable activities provided by local staffs that help to conserve the environment in their own land. Participants feel the satisfaction when their help contributes to saving the environment. Plus on the weekends you have time to do some excursions around San Cristobal Island or the other beautiful Islands, allowing you to feel more comfortable and need more of the local people. And do not worry about your safety, the Galapagos Islands are a very safe area to volunteer and travel! Volunteering in the Galapagos Islands and you will find volcanoes, tropical beaches, stunning vegetation and many other activities to do, including hiking, biking and more. The clean waters allow you to snorkel close to the animals.

Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands

Time volunteering: 1 week minimum and 12 weeks maximum. At the end of your volunteering commitment, you will receive a certificate.

Cost: US $210 per week.

The cost includes: Pick up at the airport in Quito, transfer from the Galapagos airport to the project, accommodation and three meals per day from Monday to Friday. Meals are not included on the weekends but you can stay and prepare your food on the weekends.

First free night (bed & breakfast) with a host family in Quito, transfer from host family to the airport in Quito when you leave for the project.

Volunteer Program Galapagos Islands


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