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Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador

6 Apr , 2015  

Get ready for a great getaway with your Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador in a unique atmosphere serving local communities in Ecuador and offering great opportunities that rank among the best experiences of your lives. Take this opportunity you never forget and make a difference.

Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador

Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador program is a great combination of service and cultural immersion in a host community. There is no need for you to plan activities – EVUP has wonderful experience and a well-structured program for you to share with your teen group, coordinating logistics from airport pick-up to transfer back to the airport, as well as orientation and guidance before and during your stay in Ecuador to ensure results. We also tailor your experience upon your request. At the end of the program, the teen volunteers receive a certificate of their volunteering.

Before you arrive, we propose a daily itinerary that you might share the information with your teen group to provide a realistic idea of what they expect. It will be something new and rewarding for everybody.

The Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador with EVUP is a life changing experience of learning and an opportunity to immerse in a local community.

Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador

It includes some excursions to learn more about Ecuador and some Spanish lessons if teen volunteers required them.
 This affordable program provides life-changing experiences within a local culture and a welcoming social environment for our staff. Teen group participants stay in a volunteer’s house or with various host families.

The program fee depends on the time period of volunteering. For more information please get in touch with us.

Teen Group Volunteer Ecuador

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