The Best Volunteer Programs in Ecuador

Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador with EVUP, an organisation legally recognized by the Ecuadorian Government in Quito with 11 years of experience providing our volunteers the opportunity to do volunteering in South America at the magical country of Ecuador and experiment a real immersion with local people. Save money with our low cost volunteer programs. Have a great fun and help out people and the environment. Our Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador are located in the cultural city of Quito, the natural beauty of the Galapagos Islands, the wildlife of the Amazon, the impressive big mountains of the Andes, the beautiful beaches of the Coast, and the subtropical of the Cloud Forest…. Attend our Volunteer in Ecuador, Now!

Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador

Volunteering Offers Quito and Galapagos

Ecuador gives our volunteers a mega bio-diversity and a chance for great adventures in the mountains, volcanoes, jungle, white beaches and exotic islands. It is a small country with a rich culture, history and friendly people. If you are planning to explore the real cultural and natural beauty of Ecuador, why not start your adventure by joining one of our Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador, Spanish lessons, expeditions, or sightseeing of some of the cultural wonders of our country. We work together with volunteers to preserve the forest of Ecuador, to improve the communities’ economies and to give Ecuadorian children a better life.

Our volunteering positions in Ecuador and in the Galapagos Islands are dedicated to the benefit of others. The projects & programs always need your help and will be very rewarding. Whether you love nature, children or the elderly, your volunteering experience will be meaningful and powerful having the opportunity to explore either of these unique areas in Quito, in the Galapagos Islands and in the Amazon rainforest Programs.

It is the time to make a difference and help others. EVUP offers to volunteers around the world different options to lend a hand in our ongoing projects:

  • Volunteer in Quito: Child care, teaching, children with special needs, and orphanage projects.
  • Volunteering Galapagos: Conservation project.
  • Volunteer Amazon – rainforest: Animal Rescue Center project.
  • Volunteer for high school students: Teen group program.

All our programs’ overwhelming needs will let you discover interesting local people and help you create your intercultural awareness and perception of key development issues from the assessment of those directly affected. With our organisation, there are many volunteer ways to fulfil a long held dream and do not wait too long to comply them. Start now; to make children happier and to improve the environment, to share and relieve local communities and practice or learn Spanish. Volunteer Ecuador

Volunteer Opportunities Ecuador